Born and raised in (around) Dallas, Texas.  Got the big hair to prove it.   I've recently accepted the fact that I am now officially a grown-up.  I wandered around for a while--to Chicago, Austin, Dallas, DC, and back again.  I was a social worker for a hot minute, became a lawyer, surprising no one but me, I think.   Then ten years passed, friends were made, cases won (and lost),  a sweet guy appeared on the scene, and a family was born. Here I am.

Janelle (see below) floated the idea of this blog because she was constantly posting blog entries that annoyed me to death on various social media sites--because she and I don't have appear to have a lot in common if you judge a person based on where they get their news.  Inevitably the posts would provoke some Very Important Discussion wherein we learned at the end of the half-hour--just like on Diff'rent Strokes!--that we really aren't all that different.  

I'm brunette, she's blonde.  I'm tall, she just buys really high heels.   I love theatre, she loves sports.  I doubt she knows who the Indigo Girls are, and I have seen them more than 60 times.  In any event, here we are.  Both moms, both lawyers, both loud, both full of genius opinions, both maybe a little too riddled with anxiety on occasion.  All endearing commonalities, of course.


I was raised a Florida girl, but am now a proud Texan.  I love the wide open space and big blue skies in The Lonestar State and can't imagine raising my family anywhere else.  I'm married to my rock - Tim.  He's supported me through thick and thin and given me three beautiful boys who have more energy in one day than I do in an entire week. 

I believe in God, hard work, sarcasm, music, bacon cheese fries, best friends, accountability, Disney, limited government, sunsets, laughter, and cookie dough ice cream.  I'm blessed to be a trial attorney at one of the best law firms in Texas. 

I want other moms to know that they aren't the only ones who feel like they are barely making it through the day.  And they aren't the only ones whose kids have meltdowns because they can't use a blue fork at dinner.  Most importantly, I want other moms to know that they CAN be successful career women AND amazing mothers.

EDIT: I have heard of the Indigo Girls, but if someone asked me to sing one of their songs because my life depended on it .... well that's another story.  

Finding Joy in the Chaos